Reform or Rationing?
Healthcare and the Uncertain Road Ahead


Single Day Event: Saturday, Oct. 6; 1:30-3:30 PM

Location: The Reserve, Theater, 2727 82nd Place, Urbandale

Cost: $12

Class Limit: 35


The American healthcare system is failing to deliver high value to consumers when compared to other developed nations. The US is dead last when ranked annually for healthcare spending as a percentage of GDP and per person. Our country is only a mid-pack performer when comparing life expectancy and other health outcomes. This presentation will include strategies that could combat this situation. The discussion will include a focus on Iowa’s trends and delivery system features, as well as current efforts to build a better healthcare marketplace and ensure a sustainable future where all citizens have access to quality, affordable healthcare.


Instructor Bob Schlueter is a lifelong Iowan with a BA from the University of Northern Iowa. He has 20 years’ experience in healthcare payment in Iowa, beginning in 1997 when he worked for a company supporting the Medicaid program. For the last several years he has worked as a state business analyst in the Medicaid agency where he also works on a grant related to statewide, multi-payer healthcare system reform.




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