A Close Encounter with Iowa Raptors


Single Day Event: Tuesday, April 17; 1-3 PM

Location: Johnston Public Library

Cost: $12

Class Limit: 50


Raptors are easily identifiable as large, soaring birds with strong legs and a significant wing span. Their features also include heavy, sharp talons and hooked beaks. Eagles are visible year-round near bodies of water. Falcons, with especially keen eyesight, dive at speeds of 200 mph when attacking prey. Using a PowerPoint presentation, the speaker will discuss the unique survival adaptations of these amazing predators, which remain part of Iowa’s natural landscape. The Polk County naturalist will also exhibit taxidermy models of raptors and their predatory weapons of beaks and talons.


Instructor Joe Boyles has been a naturalist with Polk County Conservation for 19 years. From 2000-2004 he led the osprey re-introduction program at Saylorville Lake. A past president of the Des Moines Audubon Society, Joe is affectionately referred to as the “bird nerd” around the office.

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